Earning and Spending: An Islamic Perspective

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CRP, International Islamic University Chittagong


Earning and Spending are the most important parts of our daily life, while not being the whole of it. Islam views our life as a compact whole and does not divide it into many separate and conflicting parts. That is why Islam laid down many rules and regulations about our earnings as well as the spending. This article is an attempt to show that the real and actual owner of everything is Almighty Allah alone and we are mere agents appointed by Him to administer our holdings. We come to this world empty- handed and depart from it likewise. So, we should be aware about our duty as Allah's agent and be ready to earn and spend all of these things according to the approved way of Allah (SWT). The article has also proved that everything is lawful to a person is lawful to earn with it and everything is unlawful to a person is also unlawful to provide for others. This article is a completely desk-based research. Al-Qur 'an, different Hadiths, Islamic literatures and other various research publications have been consulted to find out the basic rules of earning and spending in Islam.


Business Review Vol-3, Article 06, June 2014 (page-93-102)


Trustee, Lawful, Prohibited, Earning, Expenditure